“The funniest laugh out loud evening out I’ve had in a long while 10/10 don’t miss it”

To celebrate their 35th Anniversary of touring theatre Oddsocks are presenting a new show for the autumn Halloween season. Under the guise of the charming R.O.G.E.R. Radio company they will perform a live radio play of the spine-tingling classic Frankenstein! What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything in this hilarious homage to the glory days of radio.

Battling through the loss of their foley artist, the misbehaving props and the actors’ rivalry the talented R.O.G.E.R. Radio company bring this vintage story to life in a whole new way. All the passion, pathos and adventure of the original novel is there, wrapped up in an interactive performance of clever comic timing and carefully coordinated chaos.

Transported from ice-bound sailing ship to scientific laboratory, romantic wedding to death and destruction your senses are taken on an emotional rollercoaster as Victor Frankenstein creates and then rejects his creature on the slab. What will become of this new being? Is it a human, is it a monster or just an actor covered in elastic bands talking into a ceramic vase? Will the creature learn to thrive, find a wife and settle down or will its lust for vengeance destroy everything?

Never before has so much celery been sacrificed in the art of storytelling.

This production first premiered at Jersey Arts Centre in January 2024 and is now available for tour.


“So funny, clever, emotional, I’m lost for words…”

For information about booking a performance for your venue (Oct/Nov 2024) please contact Elli Mackenzie elli@oddsocks.co.uk

or call 01629534422

Click below to see promo video

Click below to see promo video