Our Friends

We'd like to send personal thanks to Our Friends, who have supported us through our membership scheme over the years. We hugely appreciate your generosity! Every penny that we receive helps us to make work, build the set, pay our actors, put petrol in the van and keep Oddsocks touring the UK and beyond. If you are interested and would like more information on becoming A Friend of Oddsocks, please click here!




Warwickshire's Wettest (Warwickshire), Elspeth & John Barfoots (Keighley), The Amazing Chocolate Makers (Warwickshire), Ian and Val sNow (Warwickshire), The Clark/Merrien Family (Guernsey), The Maundrell Family (Birmingham), The Cooper (East Sussex), The Clark Family (Guernsey), Rob Jordan (Guernsey), Judith Barrow (Scunthorpe), A Petrie (Sark)


Geoffrey & Margaret Batten (Birmingham), James Wilkinson (Jersey), Mike Brownstone (Warwickshire), Ann Levitt (Birmingham), In Memory of John - Janet Hardy & Family (London), Captain Morgan & Captain S'Comfort (Hampshire), Nicole & Noel Runnels-Moss, Sara & El Rowntree (Chester), The Tee Family (Guernsey), The Eccleshalls (Staffordshire), Marian Walker (Gateshead), Su Underwood (Surrey), Ian & Brenda Thomason (London), The McDonnells (Nottinghamshire), Geoffrey Driver (Leeds), Mali Wadge, Chris Kirk, The Dorey Family (Guernsey) 


Sue & Jim White (Redcar), Nigel Metheringham (York), Chrissie Bedwin (Derbyshire), Vanessa Fessey (Derbyshire), The Holden Family (West Midlands), The Yabsley Family (Guernsey), Alex Russell (Newcastle), Kate & Mark (Leeds), Peter Cosgrove (Wrexham), Sharon & James Russell (Coventry), Rosemary Larcombe (Telford), Yvonne Warbey (Telford), Jemma Lewis (Northumberland), Howard Lowry (Stourport), Antony & Belinda Dunks (Sark), Martin & Jan Orchard (Jersey), Sarah & David Highfield & Family (Jersey), Graeme Lunt (Nottinghamshire), The Shipmans (Nottinghamshire), AJ Derbyshire, Jeanette Johnson (Nottinghamshire), Keith Venables (Derbyshire), Margaret & Francis Annett (Middlesbrough), The Le Page Family (Maidenhead), Celia Cox