A Christmas Carol


Oddsocks Productions are delighted to provide you with a festive online special of their adaptation of the Dickens classicA Christmas Carol! 

Experience the ghostly tale of greed and comeuppance from the safety of your own sofa. 

Has Scrooge had his last humbug? 
Will he join the festive carollers and get some figgy pudding? 
Will Tiny Tim warm his stone-cold heart? 

Find out when Oddsocks, serve up a victorian feast of a family show in their own inimitable style using comedy, music and song!

Suitable for all from 7+   

This production was created during the second national UK Covid lockdown, rehearsed via zoom and then toured between the second and third national lockdown. You can see from the performance that the actors are working in three separate bubbles throughout both onstage as they were backstage. The socially distanced production was performed to an empty auditorium and streamed live by the technical team at Lakeside Arts Nottingham. Oddsocks then managed to tour to three more venues before the tour was cut short by the third lockdown. The production was created using funding from Arts Council England and DCMS Cultural Recovery Funding.

Oddsocks would like to thank everyone involved in making this unique production possible. It stands as a record of what can be achieved at times of immense pressure and difficulties during a time of crisis.


Scrooge - Andy Barrow

Puppeteer - Josh Elwell

All other live characters - Joseph Maudsley & Harrie Dobby

Filmed characters - Elli Mackenzie, Felix Mackenzie-Barrow, Charlie Mackenzie-Barrow, Clara Mann, Harrie Dobby, Joseph Maudsley

Creative Producer - Elli Mackenzie

Artistic Director/Script Adaptation - Andy Barrow

Music Composer and recorded by Felix Mackenzie-Barrow

Technical Director - Kee Ramsorrun

Our thanks also to all those venues who booked and paid for a live performance during the gap between lockdowns in the winter of December 2020 and who keep booking our work. Also, thank you to our loyal fans who have contributed both financially and by supporting our performances over many years. We hope that you enjoy the performance and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

If you enjoyed the performance and are able to support us, we woud be incredibly grateful. Please click on the 'Support Oddsocks' image below to make a donation or by contacting us at info@oddsocks.co.uk. Thank you! 


Sit back, grab your popcorn, your favourite beverage and enjoy a viewing of A Christmas Carol by clicking the image below!