“Always a great performance from Oddsocks.” - Thoresby (Les Miserables)



These pages are specifically devoted to helping you organise your promotion of our production as easily as possible.


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  • How to book a production (all you want to know about how we work with our promoters)
  • Press/Marketing pack for our current tour - including press releases, biogs, reviews, syndicated interviews, photographs
  • Brochure Copy - a few lines of text for your to include with any literature about the production
  • Technical specification sheets for the next tour (generic information which will give you an idea about the space required and what you will need to provide)
  • Stage plan for your technicians (Winter tour only – this will be updated as and when required)
  • Lighting Cue script for technicians (Winter tour only- this will be updated as and when required)
  • Risk assessments for the next tour
  • A copy of our public and employer's insurance documents
  • Teaching/Education Packs