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“It was amazing. ” - Oliver Bilous (Les Miserables)



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  • Joe Blogs

    Well hello there…

    WOW!!! Sorry about the delayed blog… These first few weeks have been crazy… So much hard work. Not only the show… But the get in’s and get out’s even the get up’s… Not to mention the travelling. It’s great tho, loving every second, and feel very lucky to be a part of this team. We arrive at a venue about 5/6 hours before the performance begins… To meet the organisers and find the perfect spot for the wagon… the very, very heavy wagon. We then unload the vehicles and begin the ‘get in’. Building up the stage… setting props, preparing costumes… Fixing anything that may have broke in the drive or the previous show… This takes approximately 2 hours… at a steady non rushed pace… Then its coffee o’clock and a bite to eat… maybe a quick wander around the town/city/village we’re in, or maybe even a nap or work out… really depends on the day and how you’re feeling. Then with an hour before the show, its focus preparation time… Individual warm ups (I’ll try and get some clips of different actors warm ups) could be interesting… also a fight call (Blocking through the fights, so we have no losses of heads during the performance.) We also block through any ideas or changes we have… Which is great. Constantly developing character and ideas… rehearsing and talking them through before the show… then trying them out in the show… It’s a constant creative process… And a fantastic way to work. After the show it’s pack down time and the get out begins… everything has it’s place, otherwise it doesn’t fit in the vans, and everyone has their own roles… (Again, I’ll try and get some clips.) This takes about an hour… Then it’s in the vans… and off the the accommodation… Hotel/B&B/Pub… Bite to eat… and chill. Before you know, it’s late o’clock and you have to sleep, to be ready for the long drive to the next town/city/village… And the process begins again. I’ve settled into this routine now, and will be able to Blog more freely from this day forth… If WiFi if present. Every location is different, as are the shows and audience response.. It’s amazing. When you make it to a show… Come introduce yourself, would be great to meet as many of you as humanly possible.
    Blog you later,

    Joseph ‘Mark Antony Blogs You’ Maudsley

    What a week!

    Last week we were in the West End of London and on Channel 4! This week, back in the office in Derby trying to secure bookings for the summer! How times change!

    The London run of “Romeo and Juliet” was very well received and definitely a worthwhile venture, thanks o all who came along and supported us and thanks also to those who wrote to us with words of support. We learned a lot about theatre and our style and had some great feedback throughout the week and are excited to apply this to our future productions.

    Our appearance on “Country House Rescue” on Channel 4 on 18 March has also provided some new opportunities, Andy is currently fielding lots of calls from people wanting us to perform in their grounds so no doubt we will be visiting some new venues this summer which is most exciting.

    Stay tuned for more info on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Hamlet: The Comedy”.

    God Bless, Kee

    Oddsocks on Channel 4!

    So, Andy came into the office this morning and told me we are going to be on Channel 4’s “Country House Rescue” on March 18th 2010…that’s pretty cool eh?!

    For more info on the event please click here.