“Oddsocks understood what we wanted and got it across for us very well.” - Keith Venebals, Derbyshire County Council

What We Do


Our trademark style combines humour, behavioural knowledge and effective communication.




  • Initiate deep mind-set change
  • Challenge behaviours
  • Increase productivity
  • Inspire your staff

And our U.S.P? We make people laugh! (They learn quicker that way).

We produce


  • Training DVD’s to raise awareness to a large audience
  • Promotional Films to promote your ideas or products  
  • Web Videos for communicatiing your message online
  • Virals as a fun way of promoting or training


Past clients include:



Rolls Royce




Business Link

Derby City Council

Warwickshire County Council


Oddsocks’ ground-breaking DVD "Face Values" was instrumental in achieving a National Training Award for Whitefriars Housing.

A recent DVD which was written, filmed and produced by Oddsocks for Derbyshire Constabulary,  has ignited national interest and Police and Community Groups across the U.K are using the DVD to promote awareness of rogue traders and distraction burglaries.