“An informative, entertaining and worthy session. ” - Louise Cole, St. Peters School


Oddsocks’ training work engages people because it uses complimentary learning styles.  The best team of people is a diverse group and a diverse group of people process information differently.


People tend to be either:


VISUAL learners – these are people who tend to "see" and plan an idea or "visualise" what somebody means.


AUDITORY learners – people who like to "hear" what's being said "as clear as a bell"  and it should be "music to the ears".  They like to be "on the same wavelength" as you.


KINAESTHETIC learners – people who like to "feel" that they are "driving" an idea, they like to "get a grip" on things.  Ideas "hit home" with them.  They like to "absorb" information.

Our training works for all these learning styles at the same time. 

We "show" the visual learners the training objective using performance, (either live or on DVD) and clear illustrations.


We "speak" to the auditory learners and use succinct language which is economic and direct and entertaining.


We "affect" the kinaesthetic learners by creating an "experience" that they will remember, stirring up feelings and involving them in the activities of the session.