“Masters of their craft.” - David Lowbridge, Barr Beacon Language College


Does your team fail sometimes to "see the bigger picture"?  Do your staff seem too pre-occupied with the detail and not aware of priorities?  Do they appear lacking in motivation?  Are they slow to come forward? Wary of change? 


Oddsocks’ use of imaginative and entertaining training ideas, coupled with the skills of our in-house NLP practitioner can help you and your staff resolve these issues and more with a number of relaxing and fun processes.


Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is increasingly being used in the business training world.  It is, quite simply,  a process or set of processes which can help people make sense of their world , understand more about why others behave in the ways they do and how to develop that understanding in order to:  boost  personal potential and therefore: sales, communication and productivity.


Find positive outcomes for stressful situations by investing in training from Oddsocks.