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  • “Oddsocks understood what we wanted and got it across for us very well.” - Keith Venebals, Derbyshire County Council

    Why good video is important for your business

    It is a widely known fact that video marketing is gaining popularity day to day as it is a really effective method of increasing web site traffic. If you want to achieve considerable success in generating traffic and promoting your business web site or blog, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of video marketing. Indeed, this method is great in enhancing your web sites traffic.

    Everybody has noticed that nowadays Yahoo and Google’s search web sites show not only text information but also articles, images and video content.

    Why Should You Use Video Marketing?

    There is no doubt that using online video is a great method to deliver your advertising message to both your clients and buyers. During last year, video marketing proved to be a great tool in driving visitors to web sites. The reasons are quite simple to understand. Here they are:

    Reason One. Larger Audience

    It is generally known fact that people like to watch something more than to read about it. In fact, the majority of mankind is visual learners by their nature. Therefore, the conclusion is that you will certainly to get more people to view your video advertisement rather than people who read your article. Mankind is quite lazy, isn’t it?

    Reason Two. Video Stimulates Human Senses

    It is true that one video can offer to a person watching it thousands of feelings and words. It really engages all our senses and develops our imagination. Therefore, it is more effective than just an image or a text.

    Reason Three. Accessibility

    In fact, videos may be found through different kind of technical devices such as iPod, cell phones, laptop or desktop. You can look through video files in your home, while on your mobile phone, while working in the office or anywhere you at the moment are at any time you want to watch it.

    The amount of traffic that online videos can drive to your site is too significant to ignore. Yes, it is not a replacement to all the strategies or techniques you have been using but it is definitely worth adding it to your list. Indeed the amount of web traffic you may get with video marketing is so significant that to ignore it would be a really unwise step. Of course, this strategy cannot replace all other methods of promoting your web site, but it will be quite helpful if you want to get some extra traffic.

    But it’s not just websites that need good video, it is important for any message you want to communicate. It is becoming known and accepted that people take in more information by watching a video than they do by any other means. That’s why we will often sit through adverts during a programme, because they can be compelling and highly effective. How many times have you heard “Have you seen that advert where…” or “Have you seen the new so and so advert?”

    Video generates more attention than any other form of communication, but it needs to be good video. And that’s where we come in.

    Welcome to our corporate Oddblog!

    With our blogs finally up and running (it’s been a busy time here in the Oddsocks office!) it is time to start keeping the world abreast of all of the corporate activities we are taking part in, contracts we are working on and new videos that will be posted in our portfolio. We will also be looking at new and interesting ways of approaching video, training and learning styles.


    You can follow our goings on in the corporate world from here so stay tuned for further updates!